INTRODUCTION FTV History of SIGINT in the US Air Force1
US Air Force - A Brief History2
USAFSS - An Overview3
Book Layout4
CHAPTER FIFTEEN USAFSS Spanish Linguists/Flyers2373
"The Beaners" - Origin2374
Cuban Missile Crisis2375
Beaners - Nicaraguan Civil War, 19792387
Beaner Operations - Panama2397
Consolidated Mission Operations Center2404
Operation Urgent Fury - Grenada2404
Operation Just Cause - Panama2405
Pacer Coin Incident - Peru2408
Operation Uphold Democracy - Haiti2411
End of an Era - 33rd IS Leaves Panama2412
CHAPTER SIXTEEN 6949th Security Squadron History2415
Det 1, 6940th SW Activated at Offutt AFB2415
6949th Scty Sqdn Activated2417
Det 1, 6949th SS, Baltimore, MD2417
RC-135C/Big Team2419
RC-135U/Combat Sent2420
Burning Pipe - First RC-135 Mission in Baltic2421
Special KC-135 Recon Platforms2423
Project Garlic Salt2425
RC-135C Big Team Becomes RC-135V Rivet Joint2436
Rivet Joint Block I2437
Rivet Joint - USAF Primary Recon Platform2439
Air Force's Newest RJ - RC-135W 62-41262441
6944th Security Wing, Offutt AFB, History2443
RJ Block II - Bridge to the Future2443
RJ Block II - Tom Adams' Perspective2454
Automated Analysis R&D2462
RJ Support to AWACS IOT&E - Nov 19762464
USAFSS Area Specialists Aboard AWACS2464
6944th SW Downsized - Becomes 6949th SS2468
The Evolving Rivet Joint Mission2469
Airborne Cryptologic Linguist - Transition2475
6949th SS Transformation to 97th IS2477
AIA Realigned Under Air Combat Command2477
Information Warfare2478
97th Intelligence Squadron - Current Ops2478
97th IS - Ops in SWA and GWOT2479
Rivet Joints Hit 8,000 Missions in AOR2480
Christmas in the Sandbox2483
MC-12 Simplified Operations Concept2486
Project Liberty2487
MC-12 Training Moved to Beale AFB2505
97th IS Support to Project Liberty2506
55th Wing - 20 Years in the Sandbox2507
Rivet Joint Crew Composition2509
97th IS Linguists - A Bit About Their Mission2510
Offutt Language Learning Center2512
CHAPTER SEVENTEEN 6954th Security Squadron History2515
488th IS Heritage2516
6988th ESS/488th IS Patch2524
USAFSS-Mildenhall Ops in Baltic2525
6988th ESS Reactivated, 1 Apr 19802528
Rivet Joint Block III IOT&E Team2529
Rivet Joint Block III Deployment2530
6988th ESS - Solving Training Issues2531
6988th ESS - Block III Ops, 1980's2534
Monitor-Only Positions in Crew Rest Area2541
6988th ESS - Last Days of Cold War2542
ESC/AFIC/AIA Female Abn Recon Pioneers2547
Ivy Cruz Flew as a "Passenger"2556
Renata Gross-1st RJ Airborne Linguist2558
Lisa Crowley-MiG Flasher2559
Regan McClurkin - Ms. Airborne Operator Extraordinaire2561
Information Integration Officer2575
Female Operator Pioneers in Athens2577
Ariel Skeen - Pioneer Female Operator in Athens2578
Cindy Geffken - Another Athens Female Pioneer2583
Beth Yandow - First Female AMS2586
Jennifer Bloomer - 1st Female 1A8 Ops Supe2591
More Abn Duties Opened for Females2593
CHAPTER EIGHTEEN 6990th Security Squadron History2595
6990th Security Squadron - Background2596
6990th Security Squadron Activated2600
RC-135M Combat Apple ASRP's2601
1st Operational Combat Apple Mission2601
24-Hour SIGINT Coverage of North Vietnam2603
Typhoon Evacuations to Philippines2604
6990th Supt to Non-Combat Apple Missions2609
Comfy Echo2609
OL 2, 6990th at Cam Ranh Bay2611
The IG Visit and Final Combat Apple Mission2613
1,000th Combat Apple Mission2614
2,000th Combat Apple Mission2615
3,000th Combat Apple Mission2616
Son Tay Raid, 21 Nov 19702619
Breaking the Code2623
6990th Support to Rivet Top2630
Final Phasedown in Vietnam2631
6990th Support to Mayaguez Incident2633
6990th After Vietnam2634
6990th Awards and Decorations2634
Century Club2636
From USAFSS to ESC and AFIC2639
Sampling of 6990th Heroes2640
6990th ESG Moved to Building 3520 in 19862641
The First Sortie-A Look Back2642
Brig. Gen. McInerney Flies With 6990th ESG2643
Change of Command-July 19832645
20th Anniversary Reunion-Combat Apple2647
25th Anniversary Reunion-Combat Apple2648
390th Intelligence Squadron Activated2648
Reorganization of AF Intel Resources2649
DSO's Provided by 390th IS2649
30th Anniversary-390th held Birthday Bash2650
30th Anniversary Reunion-Combat Apple2651
35th Anniversary Reunion-Combat Apple2651
390th IS hosted 40th Birthday Dining Out2653
40th Anniversary Reunion-Combat Apple2655
390th IS-Current Mission, July 20112664
390th IS-Change of Command, July 20112665
Mills Family and 390th Sqdn Relationship2665
CHAPTER NINETEEN 6994th Security Squadron History2667
Background on EC-47 Operations in SEA2669
ARDF in Vietnam-The Beginnings2671
EC-47 ARDF Overview2672
Project Hilo Hattie2675
Project Sour Grapes2678
Project Drill Press2680
Evolution To Project Phyllis Ann2691
Project Hawkeye-1st Iteration2692
Hawkeye-Deployment to Vietnam, 19642693
Project Hawkeye-2nd Iteration2697
Hawkeye-Deployment to Vietnam, 1965-662697
Continued ARDF R&D in CONUS2700
The Fly-Off-Hawkeye vs. Beaver2701
ARDF in Vietnam-Whose Mission Is It?2702
AF Piece of Growing ARDF Mission2703
ARDF in Vietnam-Roles and Responsibilities2704
EC-47 Personnel Training2705
EC-47 ARDF System Testing2705
EC-47 Variants2711
EC-47 ARDF System Configuration2713
Tasking, Fragging and ARDF Ops Overview2714
460th TRW and 7th Air Force2717
6994th Scty Sqdn Barracks at TSN2719
360th, 361st and 362nd Recon Sq's Activated2734
Evolution-360th, 361st and 362nd Squadrons2735
EC-47 ARDF Effectiveness2735
Project Name Changes2736
6994th Security Squadron Activated2737
6994th Staffing and Training2748
6994th Scty Sqdn Relocated to Thailand2751
Accident Free Flying2752
6994th Detachments2758
Det 1, 6994th SS/Nha Trang, Vietnam2758
Tide 86 Shoot Down-9 March 19672768
Ground Attack at Nha Trang-8 Sept 19672771
Continued Operations at Nha Trang2772
Brew 41-Heroic Flight, 11 March 19682776
How Many Combat Missions, Who's Counting?2780
Det 1, 6994th SS-Phu Cat Operations2781
Prong 33 Inflight Tragedy-8 Oct 19692787
Det 2, 6994th SS/Pleiku, Vietnam2789
Cap 72 Shoot Down-5 Feb 19692799
Cap 54 Crash During Takeoff-30 Sept 19692804
Cap 53 Shoot Down-22 April 19702805
Det 2, 6994th SS-Final Days at Pleiku2809
Det 3, 6994th SS/NKP, Thailand2818
Det 3's Most Renowned Commander2827
Tragedy Strikes Baron 56-21 Nov 19722840
Det 3 and 6994th SS HQ Ops at Ubon, Thailand2845
Paris Peace Accords-27 Jan 19732847
Baron 52 Shoot Down-5 Feb 19732848
Post-Paris Peace Accords-Continuing Ops2921
6994th Security Squadron-The Finale2924
361st TEWS and 6994th SS-Final Days2925
Final EC-47 Missions in SEA-15 May 19742928
Turning Out the 6994th SS Lights2932
6994th Awards and Decorations2933
Losses - Our Heroes2934
EC-47Q 43-49570 After Vietnam2935
EC-47Q Support Operation in Germany2940
6994th Electronic Security Squadron2942
6994th ESS Support Desert Storm Support2943
6994th ESS-Beyond Wind and Beyond Duty2946
6994th ESS/94th IS-Other Activities2946
CHAPTER TWENTY Miscellaneous Airborne ISR/EW Units2947
25th Intelligence Squadron2948
OL MH, Det 1, 695th ESW2948
LO Role in Winning NSA Director's Trophy2968
Det 7, CESD Activated2969
Det 7, CESD-The Early Days2970
25th Intelligence Squadron Activated2982
25th IS Awards and Decorations2984
25th IS-Air Casualties2986
Silent Warrior Heroes2987
169th Intelligence Squadron2992
41st and 43rd Electronic Combat Squadrons2993
6919th ESS Ops-1 Oct 1986-21 May 19912999
42nd ECS and 43rd ECS Today3002
PWG Reunion-20123002
The End3004
APPENDIX A-Acronyms & Abbreviations3005
APPENDIX B-USAFSS Unit Locations3024
APPENDIX C-Events Leading to Vietnam War3044
APPENDIX D-Tribute to Huey P. Brooks3051
APPENDIX E-Combat Apple, A Look Back3054
APPENDIX F-Oral History Interview3056

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