PROLOGUE Shoot Down of C-130 60628 - Rest of The Storyxxix
US Air Force - A Brief History2
USAFSS - An Overview3
Book Layout4
CHAPTER NINE Airborne SIGINT Recon - WW II1659
Evolution of Airborne Recon1659
First US Ferret Mission1661
British Y Service vs. US SIGINT1661
US and UK Partnership in Ultra1663
Y Station Chatham1664
Cheadle - Tactical SIGINT Centre1665
Battle of Britain1668
Signal Intelligence Division/ETO1672
World's First Airborne EW Recon1675
Evacuating Chatham Y to Chicksands1684
Y Station Beaumanor1685
Tactical Y Units and Earliest Y Mobile Vans1686
RAF Y Service in North Africa1687
Y Service Support to Operation Torch1688
US SIGINT - North African Campaign1689
849th Signal Intelligence Service1689
Jack Scollick and Operation Torch1692
Ron Mawer and Operation Torch1694
Det D, 849th SIS-First Air Corps COMINT Unit in Europe1695
Evolution of the Radio Squadron Mobile1700
Radio Squadrons Mobile1703
3rd Radio Squadron Mobile1704
Airborne RCM1708
Airborne Voice Intercept - WW II1710
Historic B-17 "Shuttle Run" to Poltava, USSR1716
Complexities of SIGINT in the Pacific1727
1st RSM Operations - World War II1728
Airborne Intercept Ops - 1st RSM1730
8th Radio Squadron Mobile1732
Airborne Intercept Ops - 8th RSM1737
5th RSM Operations - World War II1742
6th RSM Operations - World War II1743
Airborne Intercept Ops - 6th RSM1746
7th Radio Squadron Mobile1747
Transfer to Okinawa Overcome by Events1757
7th RSM Airborne Intercept Experiments1762
Disjointed Airborne Recon in WW II1763
WW II Airborne Recon Summary1764
Map of Soviet Union (USSR)1766
CHAPTER TEN Early USAFSS Airborne Recon1767
Iron Curtain1767
Bamboo Curtain1768
Early US Cold War Recon1768
Postwar ELINT Recon Start-up1768
Postwar Recon in Far East1769
Prototype ACRP 2901770
Project Blue Sky1784
CHAPTER ELEVEN 6916th Security Squadron History1801
The Front-Enders1802
7499th Support Group1804
7406th Support Squadron1805
First ACRP Mission in Europe1812
RB-50 to C-130A-II Transition1813
The Back-Enders1826
Det 1, 6911th Radio Squadron Mobile1828
Det 1, 6911th RGM1835
New Tasking - Soviet Naval Comms1852
New Operating Location in Turkey1854
TUSLOG Detachment 76 Activated1861
TUSLOG Det 76 - Last Days1865
RB-57 Lost Over Black Sea1865
Morse Operator Needed or Not?1867
The Shoot Down1872
Resuming Flights From Incirlik1875
Normal Ops Again From Incirlik1878
Det 1, 6900th SW Activated1880
6916th RSM Activated1880
Tall Tom1883
6916th Security Squadron Activated1885
Pistachio Run - TDY's to Tehran1885
The Electrical Emergency1891
Emergency Landing at Samsun1894
Bureaucracy, Snafus and Security Issues1903
Early ACRP Missions Against Iraq1907
Staging From Athenai Airport, Greece1910
ACRP OperationS in Middle East - 19651914
6916th Ops - US Embassy, Athens1915
ESR OL AB - Athenai Airport, Greece1919
USAFSS Evacuated From Athenai Airport1923
OL 2, 6916th SS, Athenai Airport1924
Det 1, 6916th SS, Athenai Airport1925
Mission Areas - Late 1960's1939
The Chivas Regal Run1940
Sunny Mallorca1941
Czech Invasion1942
The Inquisition1950
Overtasked - Shuffling Resources1954
6916th SS/Rhein-Main - End of an Era1956
6916th SS - Hellenikon AB, Greece1964
The Yom Kippur War - Oct 19731973
SAC and the RC-135 Come to Athens1977
The Cyprus Invasion1980
MOB/FOB Operations1989
6916th SS New Ops Facility in 19821990
Dodging Bullets in Central Med1994
More Run-Ins With Gaddafi in the 1980's2001
Operation El Dorado Canyon2004
Changing Times2005
Allied Camel Expedition2006
A.C.E. II-Eagle Look-Bright Star '832015
Responding to Chad's 911 Call2019
6916th Security Squadron - The Finale2031
Operation Desert Shield2038
Operation Desert Storm2039
6916th Security Squadron - Postscript2040
Libyan Civil War2042
CHAPTER TWELVE 6988th Security Squadron History2045
Early Far East Airborne COMINT Ops2046
RB-50 Shot Down, 29 July 19532047
John Corryn, 6920th Airborne Pioneer2048
RB-29A 62290 Returns to Yokota2050
91st SRS RB-45C Missions2058
Det 1, 6924th RSM Activated2059
RB-50 Missing Over SOJ, 10 Sept 19562060
RB-50E and RB-50G Configurations2065
Det 1, 6903rd Comm Sqdn Activated2068
Aftermath of Loss of RB-50 471332068
Det 1, 6920th Scty Wing Activated2068
OL 1, 6988th Security Flight Activated2070
Mission Profiles - Late 1950's2071
Det 1, 6988th RSM Activated2074
Split ACRP Operations2086
Multichannel Processing and Analysis - MCPA2089
6988th RSM Deactivated/Activated2094
Naha Incident2094
6988th Security Squadron Activated2098
6988th SS - Staging From Bangkok2098
Formalizing Airborne OpS Procedures2100
Silent Warrior 10,000 Hour Club2105
USAFSS Airborne Supt-Vietnam War2105
Pre-US Entry in Vietnam War and Vietnam War Prelude2107
USS Ranger Incident - 9 April 19652109
Juggling Aerial Recon Platforms2116
ACRP Mission Processing at Da Nang2119
First Vietnamese Abn Ops2125
Monkey Mountain Circa Late 19682134
College Eye/Rivet Gym2135
6988th SS Ends Ops in SEA and 6988th SS - Final Years2138
USS Pueblo Seizure - OL 1, 6988th Activated2139
Navy Beggar Shadow EC-121 Shot Down2140
6988th Rivet Gym Supt at Itazuke AB, Japan2144
6988th Rivet Gym Supt at Kwangju AB, Korea2146
Early 6988th Missions Against Korea2148
CHAPTER THIRTEEN 6985th Security Squadron History2151
USAFSS Support on RB-47 Missions2153
Project Bonus Baby2154
Project Box Top2157
Project Office Boy2161
6985th RSM Start-up2164
Officer AMS Program2167
Coordinated Missions Aboard KC-135's2173
Tense Cold War Era-1960-622174
First C-135 Recon Platforms2177
Trio of KC-135A Recon Aircraft2178
KC-135 COMINT Missions at Eielson2182
6985th Operational at Last2183
The SAC Culture2184
6985th Partnered With SAC at Eielson2185
Soviet ICBM Program - 19572191
ICBM's - A Little Background2192
Shemya Air Station - Background2194
Klyuchi Range Impact Area2195
Nancy Rae/Wanda Belle/Rivet Ball2198
Covert Programs2203
Lisa Ann Raven Pioneers2211
Lisa Ann Flight Tests2215
55th SRW Moves From Forbes to Offutt2218
Success and Kudos at Last2228
Why Did Rivet Amber Disappear?2235
Cobra Ball I & II - RC-135S's 61-2663 & 61-26642236
Cobra Ball III - RC-135S 61-26622243
KAL 007 Tragedy, 1 September 19832243
Cold War Ends2246
Cobra Eye RC-135X 62-41282247
Cobra Ball Operations End at Shemya2248
Det 1, 6985th Security Squadron2248
RC-135D's Replaced by RC-135V's2249
6985th ESS - Turning Out the Lights2250
Cobra Ball Operations After Shemya2251
USNS Arnold and USNS Vandenberg2254
USAFSS Airmen Get Their "Sea Legs"2255
Bill Deister's TDY Assignment2256
Guide to The USNS ARNOLD2261
Thomas Beard's South Pacific Cruise2262
Mike Beuster - TDY on Pony Express2263
USAFSS Pony Express Support - 19762266
USNS Arnold - The Last Cruise2270
Arnold Replaced by Observation Island2271
USNS Observation Island2272
USNS Invincible2274
Ballistic Missile Monitoring - Summary2275
APPENDIX A-Acronyms & Abbreviations2279
APPENDIX B-USAFSS Unit Locations2299
APPENDIX C-Report on Rivet Amber Loss2319

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