MAP - Europe, North Africa and West Asiaxiv
INTRODUCTION Signals Intelligence in the U.S. Air Force1
U.S. Air Force - A Brief History2
U.S. Air Force Security Service - An Overview3
Book Layout5
MAP - Germany during the Cold War546
CHAPTER FOUR USAFSS - Germany-based Units547
Berlin Blockade-First Cold War Crisis547
2nd RSM Activated in Germany550
2nd RSM Transferred to USAFSS551
2nd RSM Relocation553
Detachment A, 2nd RSM, Rothwesten562
Detachment B, 2nd RSM, Schleissheim563
Adding More RSM's in 1949564
First Voice Intercept Ops in USAFSS569
2nd RSM-First Russian Linguists570
Det C, 2nd RSM, Bremerhaven571
NSG Joins USAFSS in Bremerhaven577
Detachment D, 2nd RSM, Berlin577
First Cold War Shoot Down Casualty607
Dets Assigned Numeric Designators608
Det 25, 2nd RSM, Landsberg609
12th RSM Activated and Shipped to Germany610
12th RSM Personnel Earmarked for 41st RSM618
12th RSM Personnel Earmarked for 34th RSM619
41st RSM Activated in 1951623
41st RSM Becomes 6913th RSM628
41st/6913th Heritage647
6910th Security Group Activated648
6910th Security Group Ops651
6910th SG Relocates to Landsberg659
6900th SW Activated, Landsberg661
USAFSS Detachment, Wasserkuppe663
Flight F, 12th RSM-Vienna, Austria665
USAFSS Ops at Sembach667
Det 2, 12th RSM-Kaufbeuren667
85th RSM Arrives at Sembach668
6910th RGM-Sembach669
6900th SW Relocates to Frankfurt669
Site Surveys-New European USAFSS Operating Locations673
69xx Unit Identifiers-May 1955675
6910th Operations-Landsberg677
New USAFSS Reporting Responsibilities681
6901st SCG Deploys to Landsberg681
Det 1, 6912th RSM-Landsberg and Landshut685
6912th RSM-Bingen Closeout692
6912th RSM Activated in Berlin692
USAFSS SIGINT Ops-Hof, Germany696
6915th Heritage708
Det 1, 6901st SCG-Chicksands709
6901st SCG-Zweibrücken710
6901st Deactivation719
6911th RGM720
6910th RGM Replaces 6911th RGM724
6911th Security Squadron (M)728
Comfy Levi-Contingency System730
Comfy Levi Support to USAFE732
"Berlin for Lunch Bunch"736
Comfy Levi Leaves Europe739
6911th Flying Ops to Lindsey AS739
Compass EARS/S&WC739
6911th Operations-Metro Tango740
6911th ESS Deactivated753
6911th Scty Sqdn (M) Heritage753
AF Cryptologic Ops-Bad Aibling756
European Scty Region Deactivated758
6900th Security Squadron759
6910th Scty Gp Relocates to Augsburg759
6910th SG/Augsburg Deactivated766
USAFSS at ASA Border Sites767
USAFSS-Rimbach-Eckstein, Germany768
6913th Transfer to Augsburg773
Turning out Lights at Eckstein775
Det 4, 6911th ESG-Augsburg778
ESE/Ramstein Activated779
6913th ESS Deactivated781
6910th ESW-Lindsey AS, Germany781
6952nd ESS-RAF Alconbury782
6918th ESS-Sembach AB/Grünstadt783
6919th ESS Activated at Sembach AB786
41st ECS and 43rd ECS788
6919th ESS Deactivated790
Germany-based AFIC Units790
Germany-based AIA Units-1993792
26th IG/Ramstein792
26th Intel Supt Squadron793
426th IS/OPSEC and Tech Exploitation795
488th IS-Operation Allied Force798
402nd IS Support to Kosovo Air War799
451st IS Support to Kosovo Air War800
485th IS Support to Kosovo Air War801
Return to Darmstadt801
CHAPTER FIVE USAFSS - Southern Europe and Middle East805
34th RSM Activated-April 1951805
Early USAFSS Ops in Turkey807
6930th Scty Gp Activated in 1953811
RGM's in Libya and Turkey813
6933rd RGM to Karamursel815
6933rd RGM Operations821
Sile, Turkey-ELINT Intercept Site824
Diyarbakir-ELINT/TELINT Site824
6933rd Security Wing Activated825
USAFSS-Samsun and Trabzon826
6933rd SG Replaces 6933rd SW829
USAFSS-Crete (1954-1993)833
Closing Down 6937th Comm Group848
6917th RSM, San Vito, Italy851
6917th ESG Deactivated859
Det 1, 6917th ESG860
CHAPTER SIX USAFSS-United Kingdom863
10th RSM Activated863
MAP - United Kingdom and Ireland864
Settling in at Chicksands873
10th RSM-Early Operations899
10th RSM Direction Finding917
USAFSS Expansion in UK921
6950th Security Group Activated923
DF Station-RAF Edzell, Scotland923
Det 2, 10th RSM Activated924
37th RSM-Activated924
Relocating Edzell DF Site935
6952nd SS Deactivated938
6950th RGM Activated939
6950th SW Activated941
Bldg 600-New Ops Building972
Turning out LightS at Chicksands979
Y2K Reunion at Chicksands985
Chicksands Five Years Later999
APPENDIX A-Acronyms & Abbreviations1001
APPENDIX B-USAFSS Unit Locations1017
APPENDIX C-2nd RSM Special Inspection, May 19441037
APPENDIX D-Reorganization of 2nd RSM, Dec 19451038
APPENDIX E-Orders, Transfer of 2nd RSM to USAF, Feb 19491039
APPENDIX F-2nd RSM Movement Directive, Feb 19491040
APPENDIX G-2nd RSM Officer Assignments, Aug 19491041
APPENDIX H-Evolution Turkish-American Alliance & TUSLOG1043

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