I dedicate Freedom Through Vigilance to departed friend and former Air Force Security Service veteran Airlee Owens, who passed away on 17 February 2010. Airlee photographed the eagle on the right near his home in Bandon, Oregon, in 2008. I regret that I was unable to get this USAFSS history into print in time for him and many other fallen USAFSS veterans to enjoy it.

I also inscribe Freedom Through Vigilance to Anthony P. Baciewicz, Leslie J. Bolstridge, Nathan C. Britt, William L. Burkhart, Henry N. Connors, John S. Deaver, Richard D. Ebersole, Roger K. Gavit, Arthur Gort, Walter D. Goss, Thomas C. Hyde, Robert C. Jones, Jerry S. Keaton, Barry Matthews, John E. Neeley, Hugh J. O'Brien, James B. Perleth, Albert Picard, James J. Reynolds, Roslyn L. Schulte, Edward E. Stacey, Robert F. Stark, Luther A. Tarbox, Joseph Tortorete and Richard A. Williams. A 2006 graduate of the Air Force Academy, First Lt. Roslyn Schulte died on 20 May 2009 from a roadside bomb near Kabul, Afghanistan, the first of our command's female airmen killed in the line of duty. The others had long distinguished careers in USAFSS; many were personal friends of the author, and several describe their part in USAFSS history in Freedom Through Vigilance. They are smiling down on us as they soar with eagles.

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